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White Cross - 1997

Country Crew on the Road

Got to go Home

If I could ever talk to You again


My beloved Wife

My Song

Radio star

The Dane

Thunder in My Mind

White Cross in the Roadside

You call it Love

You played Me like a Guitar

Free By Choice - 1999

Free by choice

Silent Songs

My song

The Chatterbox


Like the River deep below

The CMV-song

How it is

Late Night DJ

Country Crew on the road

I Wan'na stay with daddy    This is the hole song dedicated to the Daughter of Leif Grosmann

The Dane - 2004

Six days on the road

Jesus in a leather jacket

The Dane

The Ex files


There's nothing I can do about it now

Cowboy on the highway

Take me home country roads

Folsom Prison Blues

Some broken hearts

Fountain of middle age

Take it easy

16'th Avenue

On the road again


"First They said, that Danes couldn't play American Country Rock.
- Then They said, that Danes couldn't write American Country Rock."