Written by Leon Payne 
(Recorded November 10, 1961) 

I'm calling to tell you it's over
Yes, darling you're now free to go
You're sayin' you're sorry you hurt me
But you've hurt me much more than you know
You're askin' me where this call comes from
Oh, I hope that you won't end up here
If your new romance turns out a failure
Here's where to find me, my dear

I'm just on the blue side of lonesome
Right next to the Heartbreak Hotel
In a tavern that's known as Three Teardrops
On a bar stool, not doing so well

The floor has a carpet of sorrow
But no one can weep in the aisle
And they say someone broke the bar mirror
With only the ghost of a smile
The hands on the clock never alter
For things never change in this place
There's no present, no past, no future
We're the ones who have lost in love's race